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Laptops India

Reviews on laptops hard to find in India ?
Laptops India

Will set up a page to compare laptops in the Indian market soon

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


You can love it, you can hate...but you can't ignore it. The world has been speculating the iphone ever since it's annoncement by Apple Inc in January 2007. With exciting features to flaunt, the iphone was adjudged the Time magazine's 'Invention of the Year' in 2007.

Powered by a multi-touch software and a virtual keyboard (bare skin is a requirement!), the stylus has become history....The multi-touch screen lets you zoom in and out of web pages and photos, treating you with the ultimate touchscreen experience. By placing two fingers on the screen and spreading them apart and closer, you can stretch and squeeze the image.The virtual keyboard on the screen offers you with a dynamic dictionary, automatic spell checking & correction, predictive word capabilities and many more features.

With three built-in sensors, the iphone is definitely an intelligent phone! The proximity sensor turns off the display to save power when you lift the iphone to your ear. An accelerometer automatically switches from landscape to portrait mode and back. The ambient light sensor is another power saving feature that automatically adjusts the display's brightness to the appropriate level for the current ambient light. The iphone sure knows a lot about what it is doing when.

The iphone has the OS X operating system that takes up only a half GB ( the device has a total of 8GB or 16GB storage !) . To access the World Wide Web, the iphone uses the Safari Web Browser which displays full web pages. In addition to this, the iphone has an application for accessing Google's map sevice and also a separate application for viewing YouTube videos ( though flash is'nt supported).

The visual voicemail allows users to view from a list of current voicemail messages and lets you choose which messages to listen to or even delete! The phone plus wide-screen ipod can sort it's media library and play videos.

So here you have a million resons to dream of owning the iphone and envying your neighbour's... Be it a gadget-lover's must-have or a style icon's fashion accessory....the Apple iphone has come, seen and conquered and is definitely here to stay...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Where to buy an iPhone in India

There are plenty of websites and people willing to sell the iPhone in India unlocked, so I thought I'd compile a list to make it easier for people to find places near them to get an iPhone. (No shortage of people wanting to buy an iPhone in India, see an unofficial poll here)

Most of the places selling iPhones are either in Mumbai or Delhi. Hopefully there will be sellers in other cities also, who come forward to sell the iPhone. Or you could always get it delivered to your home.

These are some of the sites, people, places where an iPhone may be available in India...
(Warning - I cant verify the authenticity of any of these sites, Buy at your own risk. It might be a good idea to ask for more information)
(If you would like your site or name to be added to this list, please post in the comments section, along with a brief description of the price, location, etc and I'll make sure your Site/Address/Phone number is added to the list in a day or two.)


Rediff Shopping (Really Expensive !)

3> (from here)

(iPhone is available with me in Delhi, India, limited stock.

These are Unlocked to work with all GSM Operators (Airtel, Hutch, Idea, MTNL, BSNL etc.)

1) Iphone 4GB version shall cost Rs.19,990
2) Iphone 8GB shall cost Rs.29,650.

Add Rs.450 for Blue Dart shipping anywhere within India. Phone will ship from Delhi.

Payment can be remitted in our ICICI account or you can send a DD.

If someone picks up from Delhi shipping charges will be waived.

You can email me at:


4> roshan said...
if anyone intersted 8gb iphone brand new than let me know 09879899955 me in mumbai can send anywhere...

5>Wavetel Mobiles

6> GadgetsGuru


Friday, November 9, 2007

Mundu IM Brings Instant Messaging to the iPhone

LONDON, November 8 /PRNewswire/ --

- Free Service to Fill Instant Messaging Void for iPhone

Geodesic Information Systems today announced a brand new member of their
Mundu(TM) product line, Mundu IM - iPhone Edition, specifically designed and
optimized to work with the Apple Safari web browser on the iPhone. Mundu IM,
winner of multiple industry awards and a leader in Mobile Instant Messaging,
has been completely customized for the iPhone and is the only IM application
that provides users the unique look and feel that they have come to expect
from native iPhone applications.

With Mundu IM - iPhone Edition, iPhone users will have access to seamless
chat across leading IM services MSN(R), Yahoo(R), Google Talk(R) and AIM(R).
Apart from simultaneous login to multiple IM services and managing online
presence with custom status messages, Mundu IM has innovative features like
search and remove buddies, send smilies and quick texts as well as the
ability to remember username and passwords.

Equipped with the most advanced web browsing capability ever on mobile
phones, the iPhone ushers in a completely new generation of mobile devices.
Geodesic is geared to leverage the iPhone platform to enable its users to
experience the power and convenience of instant messaging while on the move.

Research conducted by Capgemini predicts instant messaging will soon
overtake text messaging as a form of communication, forecasting 32% of UK
mobile customers using an IM service by 2012, sending as many as 15-18
messages per day. With users able to access IM services and keep in touch
with friends via Mundu IM on the iPhone, this forecast may not be far away.

"We optimized Mundu IM for the iPhone and other next generation mobile
devices," said Arvinder Gujral, Director Product Marketing of Geodesic. "We
are excited to provide this invaluable service to O2 iPhone customers so that
they won't miss a single beat when communicating with friends and colleagues
on the iPhone, whether it's talking or instant messaging. Apple has a firm
user-friendly ethos and the simplicity of Mundu IM makes it an ideal
application for iPhone users."

Mundu IM - iPhone Edition adds to the mobile suite of products including
the recent announcement of Mundu(TM) IM version 4.0, compatible with Palm(R),
Windows(R) Mobile Smartphone and Pocket PC and Sony-Ericsson devices.

Users can access Mundu IM on their iPhone browsers at


Wanna Unlock your IPhone in India ?

Raza Noorani (20) and Nigel Jairaj (21); main occupation: B.Com students; side occupation: unlocking Apple iPhones (till recently, it was cracking PSPs)...

Apple Computer may delude itself that the India launch of its iconic iPhone is slated for not before next year, but iPhones are proliferating ever since the gizmo's US launch about a month and a half back. Both Noorani and Jairaj are ready to swear by this!

Today, you can get an iPhone for around Rs 31,000 from 'Alpha Electronics'; for about Rs 27,000 from 'Heera Panna'; for somewhere between Rs 27,000 and Rs 30,000 from any custom-notified shop. A month and a half back, the prices per iPhone were in the region of Rs 45,000 to Rs 50,000.

The gray market has its own sources for sourcing these iPhones; the usual suspects being contacts in customs, or carriers who come to India loaded with iPhones, or simply people who travel to- and fro- between India and the US.

"You've paid for the iPhone. The tie-up is between Apple and AT&T. It's their problem entirely. So there's no big deal about using iPhones in India, way before their official launch," quip Noorani and Jairaj.

The duo use a Windows-based software for unlocking iPhones. Originally into cracking PSPs, their iPhone foray began with a night well spent fiddling with a friend's iPhone. The morning saw the iPhone unlocked, much to their delight. That's how they got hooked onto the idea.

Subsequently, they bought an iPhone SIM free unlocking software online for nearly GBP 70, and have been cracking iPhones since -- for a price!

Customers based out of Mumbai are charged Rs 2,000, while those based outside of Mumbai (even outside of India) are charged Rs 2,500 per unlocking. In case of the latter, CDs containing software are sent to these customers, after which Noorani and Jairaj instruct them over the phone as to unlocking of their iPhones.

Otherwise, the process takes place pretty much from the comfort of Noorani- and Jairaj's homes. All they need is the iPhone that is to be unlocked, the accompanying USB cable, and a computer with Windows XP Service Pack 2. No need for an Internet connection.

Within a span of 15 to 20 minutes, a single iPhone gets unlocked. However, each iPhone is different by virtue of the fact that it's been manufactured under a different batch. To that extent, the unlocking process differs from phone to phone.

All said, Noorani and Jairaj are not alone in this venture. Some of the shops in Heera Panna, and a handful of individuals in this city claim to be able to unlock iPhones.

However, doing a good job is an entirely different story. Every now and then, the youngsters get customers coming to them, who've bought 'unlocked' phones from somewhere for a hefty price, and whose phones are now no longer working properly. It's up to the twosome to fix these iPhones. They say they charge about Rs 500 for fixing such iPhones, simply because they don't want to fleece customers who've already been fleeced more or less.

Besides, they've undergone a similar experience. They recall a gruelling week spent working for a shop in Heera Panna, within which time, they would've unlocked at least 30 iPhones a day. But, were paid just Rs 1,000 per unlocking, while the shop charged its customers up to Rs 4,000 only in unlocking charges per iPhone.

Going-it-alone, are they making much moolah? They won't tell but looks like it's enough to keep them going!


The French and their iPhone....

Apple iPhone fans could get French bargain

By Claudine Beaumont

Gadget fans eagerly awaiting this evening's UK launch of the Apple iPhone could save their money and buy an unlocked handset in France instead, thanks to a loophole in French telecommunications law.

The iPhone, which costs £269, goes on sale in Britain at 6.02pm tonight, and iPhone owners will have to sign up to an 18-month contract with O2, Apple's exclusive iPhone carrier in the UK. Apple has signed exclusive network deals with mobile phone operators in several countries, including AT&T in the US, T-Mobile in Germany, and Orange in France.

But under French law, all mobile phones have to be offered unlocked, so that customers can use them on any network they wish. It means that in theory, British consumers could travel to France, buy an unlocked iPhone and then use it with their regular network in the UK, without having to sign up to an O2 tariff, which start from £35 per month.

However, it's highly unlikely that Apple will make it that easy for customers to get hold of unlocked iPhones and it is thought that Apple and Orange are working closely together to find a solution before the iPhone goes on sale in French stores on November 29.

Queues outside the Apple shop

Ben Woods, an analyst with CSS Insight, expects Apple to make it as difficult as possible for "iPhone tourists" to pick up an unlocked handset. "There are three things Apple could do to resolve this problem. The first is to make the price of an unlocked French device very high, at least two or three times the price of an Orange-locked handset, although that may not be allowed under French law because it could be seen as undermining the idea of customer choice and the reason phones have to be sold unlocked. But you can guarantee that if they make it very expensive, people will think twice.

"The second is to ensure the devices only support the French language, so unless you are bilingual, you will find it impossible to use. "The third option depends on the nature of the legislation. It is not clear whether French law demands that phones are unlocked to work on any network in the world or just networks in France. If it's just French networks, then Apple could ensure that unlocked iPhones will only work in France."

A number of customers couldn't wait until the iPhone's UK release and instead imported the handset from the US. It meant that in order to use the phone, they had to register with AT&T and pay expensive roaming rates when using the handset in the UK.

To get around this problem, many users hacked their phones to unlock them and allow them to run on any network, but Apple has warned customers that such action invalidates the warranty, and that future iPhone software updates may conflict with hacks, leaving the device unusable. Apple and O2 are expecting bumper sales of the iPhone this Christmas.

The device combines and iPod music player with a web browser and a phone, and was recently named Invention of the Year by Time.