Tuesday, February 12, 2008


You can love it, you can hate...but you can't ignore it. The world has been speculating the iphone ever since it's annoncement by Apple Inc in January 2007. With exciting features to flaunt, the iphone was adjudged the Time magazine's 'Invention of the Year' in 2007.

Powered by a multi-touch software and a virtual keyboard (bare skin is a requirement!), the stylus has become history....The multi-touch screen lets you zoom in and out of web pages and photos, treating you with the ultimate touchscreen experience. By placing two fingers on the screen and spreading them apart and closer, you can stretch and squeeze the image.The virtual keyboard on the screen offers you with a dynamic dictionary, automatic spell checking & correction, predictive word capabilities and many more features.

With three built-in sensors, the iphone is definitely an intelligent phone! The proximity sensor turns off the display to save power when you lift the iphone to your ear. An accelerometer automatically switches from landscape to portrait mode and back. The ambient light sensor is another power saving feature that automatically adjusts the display's brightness to the appropriate level for the current ambient light. The iphone sure knows a lot about what it is doing when.

The iphone has the OS X operating system that takes up only a half GB ( the device has a total of 8GB or 16GB storage !) . To access the World Wide Web, the iphone uses the Safari Web Browser which displays full web pages. In addition to this, the iphone has an application for accessing Google's map sevice and also a separate application for viewing YouTube videos ( though flash is'nt supported).

The visual voicemail allows users to view from a list of current voicemail messages and lets you choose which messages to listen to or even delete! The phone plus wide-screen ipod can sort it's media library and play videos.

So here you have a million resons to dream of owning the iphone and envying your neighbour's... Be it a gadget-lover's must-have or a style icon's fashion accessory....the Apple iphone has come, seen and conquered and is definitely here to stay...


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Need an iPhone in my life - stuck withthe 3Gs and all my mates are on the 4 :(

Lets hope the 5 does get launched in Sept :)

Here is a link I found whilst searching for contract deals on the 5 - others may find this useful too