Thursday, November 15, 2007

Where to buy an iPhone in India

There are plenty of websites and people willing to sell the iPhone in India unlocked, so I thought I'd compile a list to make it easier for people to find places near them to get an iPhone. (No shortage of people wanting to buy an iPhone in India, see an unofficial poll here)

Most of the places selling iPhones are either in Mumbai or Delhi. Hopefully there will be sellers in other cities also, who come forward to sell the iPhone. Or you could always get it delivered to your home.

These are some of the sites, people, places where an iPhone may be available in India...
(Warning - I cant verify the authenticity of any of these sites, Buy at your own risk. It might be a good idea to ask for more information)
(If you would like your site or name to be added to this list, please post in the comments section, along with a brief description of the price, location, etc and I'll make sure your Site/Address/Phone number is added to the list in a day or two.)


Rediff Shopping (Really Expensive !)

3> (from here)

(iPhone is available with me in Delhi, India, limited stock.

These are Unlocked to work with all GSM Operators (Airtel, Hutch, Idea, MTNL, BSNL etc.)

1) Iphone 4GB version shall cost Rs.19,990
2) Iphone 8GB shall cost Rs.29,650.

Add Rs.450 for Blue Dart shipping anywhere within India. Phone will ship from Delhi.

Payment can be remitted in our ICICI account or you can send a DD.

If someone picks up from Delhi shipping charges will be waived.

You can email me at:


4> roshan said...
if anyone intersted 8gb iphone brand new than let me know 09879899955 me in mumbai can send anywhere...

5>Wavetel Mobiles

6> GadgetsGuru



Nikhil Kalantre said...

I am also planning to buy iPhone, can anyone help me out with the same?
Or is there any link from where i can buy it?
Cll me on +91-9890908967

dr said...

I am also planning to buy a iphone.Please any one help me how i get iphone in Bangladesh. My contact no-01713229862

theidoctor said...

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SVA Search said...

I want to buy an iphone too...but i wonder if in india, we have the network to support the capabilities of the phone...Do we have a 3G network thats moderately priced ?