Wednesday, June 27, 2007

11 things all reviews say about the iPhone

Too tired to read all the iPhone reviews ? Well, here's 10 things all them say.

  1. The Hype surrounding the iPhone is Justified, but so are it's limitations.
  2. The glass does get smudgy, but it's easy to clean and doesn't scratch easily.
  3. The software and the web browser is amazing and simple and fun to operate.
  4. Call Quality is average.
  5. The camera sucks.
  6. Real life battery - 5 hours of video, 23 hours of audio.
  7. Unlimited internet plans are only $20 a month.
  8. Typing is hard, but you get used to it eventually with smart software figuring out what you intended to type.
  9. AT&T's EDGE network sucks, but WiFi makes everything better.
  10. No 'cut and paste' option.
  11. Signing up for the iPhone is through iTunes, after you've reached home.

Some Detailed Reviews:
David Pogue at the New York Times
Steven Levy at MSNBC

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