Sunday, June 3, 2007

iPhone release date speculation - 2

More speculation on the iPhone release date.....

The only thing holding back the tidal waves of excitement about the release of the iPhone is that Apple has not announced an official date; it is very hard to take off work, pack your tent and thermos and prepare for a campout when you have no time frame to work with. Well, AppleInsider is reporting that a credible source claims June 29th could be the official day of release, as discussed in privileged circles at Apple retail stores.

Many people initially hoped Jobs would release the phone to the public sometime during WWDC week, relatively early in June. Those hopes seem a bit overzealous at the moment, some still hold that the iPhone could hit shelves around June 20th; much more plausible.

However, speculation really only goes as far as there are hard facts to replace them; though official dates are yet to be released, a credible source who has reported succesfully in the past might be the most trustworthy deliverer of speculation.

That also coincides with Jobs’ statement recently about the iPhone hitting stores before the last day in June; after all, there are only 30 days in the month…if Apple wants to squeeze as much time for delivery as possible, the 29th sounds accurate.

Don’t start packing your overnight bags just yet, as that means you have nearly a month to go. However, you might start planning your excuses and “business trips” that will inexplicably land you and your friends outside an Apple store prior to launch. Stealing out of the bed in the middle of the night is much more difficult to justify to significant others, so I would start out a bit earlier to avoid the most messy of confrontations. Happy camping!

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