Friday, June 15, 2007

Survey says 30 % of Britishers want an iPhone

30% of people living in the UK want an iPhone. That's 7 million iPhones !

According to research by M:Metrics, 56% of British and 64% of Americans were aware of the iPhone. 30% of UK mobile owners wanted one and reported a strong interest in buying a piece. 14% of Americans said they would consider buying one too.

Mark Donovan, a senior analyst at M:Metrics said: "While other devices - some of them already on the market - have features equal or better than the iPhone, such as 3G, superior cameras, and the like, the iPhone has been the first mobile device to create widespread consumer excitement around a mobile phone. This has the potential to increase consumer demand for more expensive, full-featured phones across the board as OEMs and other operators respond to AT&T/Apple’s marketing juggernaut."

The iPhone will be released on June 29 at Apple and select AT&T stores in the US.


A Briton said...

What is a Britisher? Some distant relation to an Americaner perhaps.

Paul Devis said...

n. Informal
A native or inhabitant of Great Britain.