Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Apple iPhone for sale on eBay, Froogle

The iPhone is selling on eBay, for some absurd prices and some of the sellers have no previous selling histories. There are around 12 pieces for as of right now, and most of them are priced above the official Apple recommended price. Some of the sellers could be fake, so watch out.
Apple iPhone's on eBay

Froogle (or is it Google Product Search now ?) is also selling the iPhone , some for an insane $999,999, although some are 'reasonably' priced at around $900. Some sellers (Negri Electronics) also promise an unlocked iPhone. I wouldn't put too much trust on their reliability though.

The Apple iPhone will be a locked device when it comes out on June 29 with a compulsory 2 year contract with Cingular.

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Anonymous said...

They Promise the Iphone, i have ordered from them several times, and always got what i paid for!

Ill be expecting my unlocked iphone from them.