Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Guy working at Restaurant gets to check out the iPhone

A server working at Balthazar in NYC got to check out a customer's iPhone for around 5 minutes.

I work at Balthazar in NYC, a place that fancy people tend to hang out in quite a bit. One of my customers was testing out the iPhone. Apparently only 20 people in the world have a working iPhone at the moment! It's that secret. That phone is amazing!

The design of the unit has little to do with its ingenuity. It's the execution of its different functions that floored me. Movement throughout the UI was an intuitive experience. Navigating through menus flowed seamlessly from one element to another, with all the little Apple trimmings, genie effects, swishes. Steve did not lie. My customer turned the phone, instantly it switched to portrait mode. When he clicked on Safari, it opened the browser right away without slowdowns. The thing seemed more responsive than my powerbook! The version I saw did not appear to have any bugs or kinks in its use. Keep in my mind, I did not get a chance to test it out for longer than a few minutes, although what I did see assured me that this is a phone of a totally different caliber than anything I've seen out there.

How can i put it? That phone is running OSX. It feels like an Apple product. Consider it another mac. That made me pretty eager to get it.

If you have questions, I'll try to answer them.

On smudgy screens and covers.....
Throughout use the phone screen never got messy or smudged. The outside seemed to absorb fingerprints. My customer definitely touched it every which way too. We both had clean fingers.

It had a very clear, non glossy screen. The light in Balthazar is always indirect though so that might not apply in sunlight.

On the iPhone typing speed....
ahh, that was something I did not get to do personally. The guest did type a few things on the screen which he seemed to do without a problem. He said only good things about typing on the phone. That might be because he has had a production unit for months.

On the iPhone covercase....
Forgot to mention something. He had the packaging out also.

It's a softer black than the Ipod cases, with almost a more organic look. Once the top is pulled off, you only see the iPhone in the center, cocooned by a protective foamlike material. I didn't touch it. It looked so good that I wanted to ask if I could take it right there! The dimensions are of a cube, I think. Everything was really elegant.



Mike said...

Why the heck did he have the packaging with him?

Paul Devis said...

I think he meant the iPhone case and not the actual package it came in.