Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why wait in line for an iPhone when you can buy one at Froogle for $999,999.00

Froogle (or 'Google Products' as it is known nowadays) has listed the iPhone for sale at a massive $999,999. Detek.biz , the company that listed the iPhone on Froogle, doesn't officially mention the price at their website, but they do provide an inquiry form where any questions on the iPhone can be forwarded to them.

An iPhone at $999,999 maybe a little out of reach of the average buyer, but there is one more seller on Froogle offering the iPhone for a more sane price. Alestech.com is offering the iPhone for a mere $748.75 and claims that the product is ready to ship.

No one actually knows if the above two sellers actually possess the product ready to ship, but if I can get one for $748.75 without having to wait in a long line like these two guys, I definitely would buy the iPhone from Froogle.

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Anonymous said...

I love an Apple Iphone very much!!! Please should have a shop in Cambodia,,, All the people in here waiting Iphone.