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Another bunch of iPhone surveys.........this time in Europe and the UK

and what do all the surveys tell us ?...That the iPhone will be a success.....Like we didn't already know !

First the UK iPhone survey (from


The male/female split worked out pretty nicely - 46.6% were male and 52% female (and yes, a handful either weren't sure, or didn't care to respond)

Most (33.6%) were in the 25-34 age group, followed by 25.1% in the 35-44 age group, 17.1% aged 16-24, 14.8% aged 45-54, 3.5% aged 55-60, and 1.9% aged over 60.

The overwhelming majority live in London or the South East (32.1%), with the rest fairly evenly split between the other English regions, Scotland, and Wales. 7.5% came from outside the UK, primarily the USA and Germany.

26% of respondents own no Apple hardware at all, while 70% own at least one type of iPod. 17.8% own a desktop and/or notebook Mac.

Getting the iPhone?

When questioned on how likely they were to buy an iPhone when it arrives, 7.6% said that they'd definitely be getting one. A massive 46.2% said that they'd seriously consider getting an iPhone, but only if the available deal was attractive. 17.4% said they'd get it if nothing better was on the market, while 23.9% said that they were unlikely to get it, and 4.8% said they'd definitely not buy an iPhone.

When asked if the iPhone would replace their current mobile or be used in addition to it, 77% of the 379 who answered said they'd be replacing their current mobile phone, with the remaining 23% saying it would be an additional phone.

The price you pay...

On price, the majority (59.1%) of those surveyed said they'd only be willing to pay up to £200 (around US$400) for the iPhone. 26.7% would pay between £200 and £250 (US$400-$500), with 10.1% willing to pay between £250 and £300 (US$500-$600), and 4% bravely stating they'd pay over £300 (US$600) for the privilege. Of course, we don't know what deal Apple would throw in for the UK price it eventually sets.

iPhone Features and Follies

When it comes to assessing the best features of the iPhone, 24% of respondents ranked how the iPhone looks as its crowning glory. 14.5% noted its touch screen, 11% its Wi-Fi capabilities, 7.1% its multi-touch gesturing system, and another 7.1% just because it's an Apple product.

On the flip side, it wasn't surprising to note that the factors that could let the iPhone down were the cost (37.7%), a poor battery life (13.9%), not having a physical keyboard (10.4%), and being tied to a single mobile network (8.4%). Interestingly, only 4.5% of people thought that not having 3G was a major shortcoming, and in fact only 15% of respondents thought that it was one of the iPhone's three major failings.

iPhone Networking

When asked which UK network people thought would get the iPhone (presuming Apple sticks to just one), 29.8% noted O2, followed by 22.6% saying Orange, and 21.4% saying Vodafone. Only 11% thought T-Mobile should get the iPhone, narrowly beating Virgin (10.3%).

Just 1 in 4 people would be willing to switch their network provider to get the iPhone, with 38% saying they wouldn't, and 36% being unsure.

12.3% of respondents would break their mobile contracts early if it meant they could get an iPhone when it's released, with 61% not willing to, and 26.7% unsure.

The Rivals

When it comes to the iPhone's biggest rivals, over 1 in 4 respondents (26.4%) thought the Nokia N95 was its biggest threat, closely followed by the Sony Ericsson W950i (22.7%) and LG Prada phone (22.2%).

Asked more generally which mobile phone manufacturer is likely to deliver an iPhone killer, 32.8% said Nokia, with 29.8% plumping for Sony Ericsson, 13.3% for LG, 11.2% for Samsung, and 7.9% for Motorola. One respondent noted that the question was stupid - whether that's because no-one's got a hope in hell of killing off the iPhone, or it really was a stupid question, is hard to tell.

(My comments: Also check out the Helio Ocean (probably wont be released in Europe, but still........)

iPhone versus iPod

When asked if they thought the iPhone would damage sales of regular iPods, 62.5% said that it wouldn't, with 18.3% saying that it would, and 19.2% unsure.

Asked if they'd buy another iPod after buying an iPhone, 28.5% said that they would, with 26.7% saying they wouldn't. 44.8% were unsure.

From Canalys......( from PMP Today)

Canalys surveyed two thousand iPod users all over Europe. For these iPod users, Apple ranks top of all cellphone manufacturers and almost half of them say they are very likely to choose the iPhone as their next mobile phone.

“Apple’s rating improves dramatically when you talk to existing iPod owners,” Pete Cunningham senior analyst at Canalys said. “Almost half the respondents who owned an iPod rated Apple as likely to be considered for their next phone, compared to just 20 per cent for those who didn’t have an iPod, and they were five times as likely to give Apple the highest rating. There is a lot of loyalty that Apple can tap into.”

So now I know why I crave an iPhone so much.

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