Thursday, May 24, 2007

iPhone may get GPS capability in next version...

At least according to Apple Tech News.....

Because of the high expectations placed upon the iPhone, Apple is certain to use a chipset using Assisted GPS technology, which cuts down the time needed to determine a location using GPS. (A-GPS) is necessary in urban areas with tall buildings or locations with heavy tree cover.

From Wikipedia

A-GPS or Assisted-GPS, is a technology that uses an assistance server to cut down the time needed to determine a location using GPS. It is useful in urban areas, when the user is located in "urban canyons", under heavy tree cover, or even indoors. It is becoming more common and it's commonly associated with Location Based Services (LBS) over cellular networks.

So who's gonna wait for the next iPhone iteration ?

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Graham said...

if I'm paying $650 for a phone, it better be every bit as functional as a blackberry, a fully touch screen PDA including web browsing capability, an iPod (including video and music), a GPS unit, and a whole host of other little functions that the average user wouldn't normally think of, half of which they will never use. So far, this phone has a memory of a mere 8 gigs, and while it does include a bunch of the other functions mentioned, it doesn't have the memory capacity to hold more than 3 movies (at max), and maybe 1, or 2 thousand songs, and thats pushing it... no where near the capacity of an ipod, despite the fact that is almost the same size as one. I don't know about everyone else, but I have over 6000 tracks, over 16 days worth of music, so if I'm trying to replace my iPOD with a hybrid iPOD phone, wouldn't you think it should be able to do everything the older technology can do? Now far be it from me to presume what the technological engineers can do with such a phone considering its dimensions and the variety of uses it already has... but wouldn't it be worth it to have a phone that is a 16th or an 8th of an inch thicker, with a real memory capacity (20 gigs or more), GPS capacity... and about $150 to $200 less? Of course, if it stays at the same price, but includes these upgrades (and more I'd expect), I'd probably still pick it up... and its certainly worth waiting for. This is like the beta version, testing the market waters, tempting us with bits of new technology... Now then, knowing that it would be that much better in the relatively near future is a temptation I actually don't want to resist, so I'll pass on this one... and be happy to wait until the next. My phone still works, might as well get another 6-8 months out of it.