Tuesday, May 29, 2007

iPhone touch screen will be phenomenal

Only 20 days or so and we'll find out for ourselves, but meanwhile, an AT&T employee, says the iPhone touch screen will be the next best thing to sliced cheese....
Glen Laurie, AT&T’s iPhone connoisseur has fed us with a few morsels of information on the soon-to-be released touch-screen phone. While he didn’t let out much in the way of the iPhone’s finer details, he did have something rather interesting to say.

Firstly, when asked about the iPhone’s hyped up price, he replied, “There are some things- you have widgets, some of the Google applications that are coming- there are just so many things here that the price will not be an issue.”

Laurie also spoke to the Seattle Times and said that the iPhone’s touch screen would also surprise people. “I think when people get their hands on it and really experience it- the touch is phenomenal. This touch screen is like nothing you’ve ever used- to experience that, the skepticism, I think… will go away” he said,

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