Sunday, May 13, 2007

First iPhone Released........ Stan Sigman, CEO of AT&T Wireless.

While investors we’re very excited about the upcoming launch of iPhone and Apple is putting most of its energies into the June release, AT&T has released what appears to be the “first iPhone in Texas” ahead of the official launch schedule.

Stan Sigman, CEO of AT&T Wireless (Cingular), a graduate from West Texas A&M University (WTAMU) in 1970 was the recent commencement speaker at WTAMU in Canyon, Texas. During the occasion, he presented the president of WTAMU, Dr. O’Brien, with what he claimed was “the first iPhone in Texas.” Dr. O’Brien even held the iPhone up for the crowd to see at the ceremonies.

The presentation was captured in a video taken from a Treo. The sound is a bit hard to follow but you can hear the bit about the iPhone if you listen carefully.

The event clearly indicates that iPhone hype is starting to kick in full gear. With the launch of iPhone, expect to see a lot of coverage from your televisions and favorite internet sites for the next month or so.

iPhone isn’t “perfect”. It is a sleek looking gadget, but without email capabilities and Office support. Microsoft even said that iPhone is not good enough for business and enterprise users. But knowing Apple, iPhone will surely evolve after release to give users the next level of online experience.

In fact, at the recent shareholder meeting in San Francisco, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs disclosed that the company is still struggling to decide if third-party developers will be able to create software that will run on the iPhone. It’s a decision Apple “is wrestling with,” according to Jobs.

If Apple so decide to allow 3rd party developers in the “mix” to create applications for people to “personalize” their iPhone device to fit their needs, iPhone will more likely to succeed in the “business” market. And iPhone may even become a “cool toy” we all might want to try.


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