Wednesday, May 9, 2007

When will the iPhone arrive in Europe ?

Well, no one's sure when the iPhone will arrive in Europe, but one thing most are sure of, is that it will support 3G (It better !).
Some excerpts.............

  • Apple has said that the iPhone will be released in Europe in the fourth quarter of this year, and third-generation (3G) mobile networks will be supported at an unknown date in the future.


  • After threatening to drop a large-scale cellular service contract based on concerns that it would lock itself out of a trade-up to the iPhone, a Swedish firm has received assurances from its liaison at the provider that the coveted gadget would arrive as soon as September -- and, startlingly, that a version of the handset with 3G (third-generation) wireless Internet access would be in the provider's hands as soon as January of 2008.
  • Thankfully, HSDPA also happens to represent Apple's best shot at selling the iPhone beyond American borders. In Europe, cheaper data rates and widespread 3G networks encourage Internet access from smartphones to the extent that many cellphone giants lavish more attention on their phone lineups for that continent than anywhere else.

Now, an older report from Gizmodo says Europeans should not expect the iPhone this year...
  • The iPhone will be 3G when it arrives in Europe but it will not arrive for a year – not the end of 2007 as expected.
  • Gizmodo
But, on the other hand.....

  • Thanks to the french blog Le Blog iPhone, Apple is recruiting in Cork (Ireland) for the launch of the iPhone in Europe. The job ad was posted on the 26 of March, so we can guess that this role will be fit by the end of June. From my point of view, it probably means the iPhone could arrive in Europe in September-October.

So, plenty of conflicting reports on the arrival of the iPhone in Europe. Take your pick....

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