Saturday, April 14, 2007

5 Reasons Why the Nokia N95 is Better than the iPhone


Danny Dumas from Wired lists 5 reasons why the Nokia N95 is better than the Apple iPhone.......

N95 Okay phone junkies, you have two options:Iphone

A. You can sit there and salivate over the latest iScraps to fall off the table of Commandant Jobs.


B. …You can realize there are other cellular options out there—and some of them are good, superior even. Take Nokia’s N95 for example. Sure, this convergence device may not run OSX, but it trumps the iPhone on multiple levels. Hit the jump to check the five best reasons to own one...

1. You'll actually be able to get one: Just try getting a hold of an iPhone on June 11, 2007. Apple is almost undoubtedly limiting production, so unless you happen to be camped out at an Apple store, some sort of quasi-celebrity tech head, or find one that “fell off the back of a truck,” you’ll probably be iPhone-less on opening day.

2. It has HSDPA: Okay you may be saying, “Hey the iPhone is going to be HSDPA compatible.” You’re right, but it won’t be available at launch. And Cingular hasn’t actually announced if/when HSDPA will be ready for iPhone customers. But N95 owners will enjoy surfing the interweb at breakneck broadband speeds right out of the box.

3. Physical buttons: We’ve seen it before. A touch sensitive screen that’s a little too sensitive and touchy. Or not sensitive or touchy enough. Hammering out a text message on the N95’s generous yet compact keypad? Simple, easy, and efficient. Fumbling out a text message on the iPhone? If other touchscreen devices are any are any indication, (see: Apple Newton) it’ll be a painstaking process of futility and lag.

4. It has GPS: Lost with your iPhone? Out of cellular range? Trying to find directions with it? Not going to happen. Maybe you can use that shiny screen to signal some low flying aircraft. The N95 on the other hand? Integrated GPS is standard.

5. Megapixels: As in 5.1 of them. The N95's high quality camera is perfect for vloggers, or anyone who wants to take sharp, clear pics, and just pads the N95's resume as a top notch convergence device.The iPhone’s camera? A paltry 2 megapixels. We guess that’s adequate resolution…if this were the year 2000.

Posted by Danny Dumas 6:35:21 PM