Saturday, April 21, 2007

The iPhone Is Having OS Issues Again


Yes. More rumors to tempt you, tease you, and taunt you with. Ars Technica is reporting in its blog that a solid inside source at Hon Hai/Foxconn says there are still a number of software/OS bugs to be worked out with the iPhone. They conclude that at best only a "trickle" of iPhones will be available at launch. The iPhone roller coaster continues its twisted, torturous ride.

Just a day after AT&T COO declares that it is expecting the iPhone to ship on time, saucy insider info has come to light that casts serious doubt on AT&T's statement of confidence. Ars Technica's unnamed source said the following: "Apple knew two months ago that Leopard was going to be delayed since all of the key engineers are now in Taipei." Um, correct me of I am wrong, but wasn't it only several weeks before the announced delay of Leopard that Apple confirmed the OS would be available on time this spring? Hmm...

On top of that, apparently 50 OS engineers are toiling 24/7 in Taipei to make sure that the iPhone ships on time. Wait. Only 50 engineers? Apple is trusting just 50 people to make sure it doesn't have egg on its face in two months? I can only hope that this is the number of people working on the software before it shifted Leopard OS engineers over to the iPhone team.

The source also laid some more woeful news upon us by saying, "It does not look feasible that Apple will be able to ship units out in May to make the shipping date in the US (June), so expect units to trickle by end of June or early July. It is doubtful they will have enough units on hand to meet the demand."

So much for AT&T COO Randall Stephenson's hope for a million of them at launch.

The only good news is that apparently the issues are not battery life related.

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