Sunday, April 15, 2007

Youtube Video - iPhone trashed by Robert Scoble and others @ ces in bloghaus

Robert Scoble works at PodTech as Vice president of media development. His Scobleizer blog covers and comments on tech news, Podcasting and whatever else comes to his mind. His is one of the most popular bloggers on the Web. A prolific reader and poster, Scoble now consumes more than 1200 RSS feeds daily.

Prior to PodTech, Robert was the lead blogger at Microsoft. During his tenure there, Fast Company magazine once wrote that he "may well be one of the most powerful people in Redmond." When he left to work for PodTech, it made the Wall Street Journal.

Scoble's book Naked Conversations, which he co-wrote with expert corporate communicator Shel Holtz, is ranked #1,255 on

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