Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Motorola will be hit hardest by iPhone


The latest consumer cell phone survey from research company ChangeWave shows just how much impact the iPhone is going to have on the mobile industry.

Apparently the iPhone release will have a huge effect on the industry and, if the price point is reduced in line with recent rumours, there will be an additional surge in demand.

Nine percent of respondents are “very” or “somewhat likely” to buy the iPhone in June while another 7 percent are likely to buy the iPhone as a gift. The research also concluded, unsurprisingly, that the Apple deal with Cingular would result in a landslide migration away from Verizon and other networks.

In conclusion the report advises that Steve Jobs should increase his modest sales predictions, assuming that the iPhone is as good as everybody expects when it launches.

Consumers are hoping for a price drop when the iPhone is launched and an extra 10 percent would purchase the device if the price was reduced below $300 for the 4GB version. Twenty percent would buy the 8GB version if it was at this price meaning an amazing 36% of respondents would by an 8GB iPhone for themselves or as a gift if it was priced at $299 or less.

Motorola was the leading manufacturer among the mobile phone users taking part in the survey but the prediction is that their market share will fall to around 17% thanks to the impact of the iPhone.

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