Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Apple iPhone Poker


The first third party application to be launched for Apple’s new iPhone has taken many technology commentators by surprise. Instead of the productivity applications that were expected by most industry experts, the honour goes to Scenario Poker, a Texas Hold ‘em Limit Tournament in an iPhone-sized widget.

Designed for the size of iPhone’s touch screen, Scenario Poker enables users to play in a three-round shootout tournament against up to 27 simulated opponents.

Despite only being released two weeks ago, the mobile poker application is already number one in Apple’s ‘Top 50 widgets’ list as well as leading ‘Today’s top downloads’ list.

The obvious success of the application proves that demand exists amongst Apple users for gaming products such as Scenario Poker. The question for the online gaming industry is whether this will eventually lead towards iPhone to iPhone gameplay as opposed to the current simulated opponents, and the possibility to participate in real-money tournaments.

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