Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Will Battery Life Delay The iPhone?


By Stephen Wellman,
09:57 AM ET, Apr 18, 2007

The iPhone rumors this week are non-stop. As if the ruckus over rebates and subsidies for the iPhone weren't enough, now an online newsletter claims that the iPhone is suffering from poor batter life, echoing an earlier rumor broken by John Dvorak two weeks ago. The poor iPhone just can't catch a break.

Smarthouse News claims that insiders at a Taiwanese phone maker are worried about the designs for the iPhone:

Apple is struggling to deliver a quality iPhone according to insiders at a Taiwanese phone manufacturing Company. Han Hai (aka Foxconn) are concerned that the designs Apple have delivered for manufacturing are not robust enough and that the Apple software functions built into the phone are sucking juice out of the batteries to the extent that talk time is significantly compromised.

In addition to Smarthouse, blogger Jason D. O'Grady has picked up the story. This is the second time the issue with the iPhone's battery life has hit the blogosphere.

What do you think? Is all this talk about the iPhone's battery life just non-sense? Or, as some of my readers have suggested, is Apple actually orchestrating all these rumors to get free publicity and buzz before the iPhone ships?

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