Thursday, April 19, 2007

Poll finds 17 percent of adults want the iPhone


Another poll (conducted by Harris Interactive Technology Research) which says 17 percent of Adults in the U.S. will buy the iPhone...

According to a Web survey by Harris Interactive Technology Research, nearly one fifth of American adults are planning to buy Apple's first cell phone.

With daily floods of rumors and gossip about the highly anticipated iPhone, it's hard to imagine that a recent Web poll revealed that only 47 percent of American adults have heard of it. The Harris Interactive Technology Research survey also found that 17 percent of those polled would actually buy the handset.

Among the 17 percent interested in purchasing the iPhone, 9 percent said they would buy it at launch, and 8 percent said they would buy it before their current wireless contract was up. However, a 17 percent said they plan on waiting till their contract is over. The survey also revealed that switching to AT&T might cause people to hold off on shelling out for the iPhone as a quarter of those interested in purchasing the phone said they would wait until their current carrier picks it up. Though, based on survey, it seems that price is the biggest deterrent, since 40 percent said that they would wait until the price drops before snatching up the handset.

The Harris Interactive poll also touched on what people felt was the iPhone's hottest feature, and a full 37 percent responded with its large storage capacity, while its quad-band worldphone capabilities and innovative interface came in second and third, with 36 percent and 31 percent respectively.

The survey was conducted by Harris Interactive Technology Research, online during February 13, 2007 through February 19, 2007. About 1,116 American adults over the age of 18 participated in the poll.

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